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Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
455 West Foothill Boulevard
Claremont, CA 91711
909.626.1254 ext.1

Theater Specs

Pavilion Specs
The Candlelight Pavilion is a proscenium theatre that seats 299 people. The proscenium opening is 18’ tall by 48’ wide. The trim height and masking are adjusted to shrink the stage down to 15’ tall by 38’ wide to provide more space in the wings.

The stage is dead hung at 18’ with a tracking system up to 16 lines.
Eye beams are 21 feet above the stage.

The apron of the stage is 15’ downstage center of the proscenium and the stage is 32’ deep.

For more detailed information please call Mindy Teuber, at (909) 626-1254 ext. 100 or send an e-mail to