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Saturday Night Fever
Director - John LaLonde
Music Director - Andrew Orbison
Choreographer - Allison Eversoll

Rehearsals begin late July 2021
Performances: August 27 - September 19, 2021

All roles are open. See casting breakdown below.
To submit for the show, please send an email to by noon on Thursday, July 1st. Include the following information in your email:
  • Let us know which roles you are interested in portraying.
  • Attach a Headshot & Résumé
  • Include a link to a video of you singing around 30 seconds of a song in the style of the show (preferably Pop). If possible, please send a link to a video (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) instead of an attachment.
If we would like to see more from you, we will reply to your email with information about callbacks.

Potential Callbacks: Tuesday, July 6th
Potential Callbacks for Leading Roles: Monday, July 12th
Casting Breakdown - Saturday Night Fever
Tony – A 19-year-old ladies' man living in the 1970s. His passion is dancing on a Saturday night down at the local dance club. He finds himself caught up in a love triangle. His ex-girlfriend Annette is madly in love with him, but he has eyes for a new girl Stephanie Mangano..A triple threat.
Stephanie – A 20-year-old office worker from Manhattan. Stephanie classes herself as a refined citizen and convinces Tony she is a "snotty bitch", however she is the complete opposite. Stephanie meets Tony at the dance club and after agreeing to be his dance partner in the dance contest, falls in love with him. But decided friendship is best. A triple threat
Annette – A sex-crazed girl. Annette is obsessed with Tony and even though she loves him, only wants to use him for one thing. Good dancer with Great Belt voice
Bobby C – A troubled youth. Bobby's life gets turned upside down when he gets his girlfriend Pauline pregnant. He accidently dies after falling off the Manhattan bridge.
Monty / Male Club Singer – DJ at the Odysey 2001 Disco. Great stage presence and singing voice
Female Club Singer – Great pop vocalist
Fosco – Tony’s boss at the paint store
Joey – A friend of Tony Manero’s
Double J – A friend of Tony Manero’s
Frank Senior – Unemployed Father of Tony
Flo – Tony’s very religious mother
Frank Junior – Tony’s priest brother. After leaving the church and returning home, Tony takes him clubbing.
Linda – Tony’s little sister, will also dance in the ensemble. 18 years old who can play younger
Connie – Disco patron hot for Tony
Maria – A Spanish dancer at the Odyssey 2001 – Great Dancer
Cesar – A Spanish dancer at the Odyssey 2001 – Great Dancer
All cast members must dance. Frank Senior and Flo need to be movers.
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