Mon - Thur 11am to 5pm
Fri 11am to 7pm
Sat 10am to 7pm
Sun 10am to 6pm
Theater Sponsors:
Claremont Club
Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
455 West Foothill Boulevard
Claremont, CA 91711
909.626.1254 ext.1

Meet the Staff

Michael "Mick" Bollinger
General Manager/Vice President
909-626-3296 ext. 102
Lois Bollinger
Chief Financial Officer
909-626-3296 ext. 101
Mindy Teuber
Acting Producer
909-626-3296 ext. 100
John LaLonde
Artistic Director
909-626-3296 ext. 105
Michael Pugno
Technical Director
909-626-3296 ext. 106
Juan Alvarado
Executive Chef
(909) 626-3296 ext. 103
Isaias "Ike" Herrada
Beverage Manager
(909) 626-3296 ext. 104
Melissa McGill
Group Sales & Box Office Manager
909-626-3296 ext. 108
Chris Mazur
Restaurant Manager
909-626-3296 ext. 102
Caleb Shiba
Stage Manager 
Nick Galvan
Sound Engineer 
Christina Abernathy
Production Assistant 
Kevin Gasio
Graphic Design & Marketing 
Michael Ryan
Preshow Guitarist